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February 24, 2015

The making of Manú , my little mouse in Dior

You all know by now that I just adore Manuela Koosch's work ...her quilled real life flowers are just amazing. I also have a slight obsession with Vanilla :) ... so when I asked ManuK for one of her amazing Vanilla Orchids,

she asked if we can do a swap.

I was only delighted to be able to work something for her so I asked what she wanted me to quill and the answer was: ''a mouse'' :)


From the very beginning I had a little fashionista mouse in mind and my trip to Paris in the meantime has only helped the idea grow.

Then one day, while I was browsing the net, I came across the video of the miniature ''Miss Dior'' dress...

... I watched it so many times ... again and again... I loved it so much that I knew exactly what I wanted to do :) 


And this is how it all happened:

The making of Manú:

You will have to excuse my lack of experience when it comes to video making as it is a very new territory to me ... but I do hope you enjoyed it .


As you can see in the video there were loads of tiny flowers and of course the ever present 'beehive' technique.



If this technique is new to you just click here to see my photo tutorial on how is done.


The entire design has 117 flowers, all done from tiny pieces of paper.

I used the beehive to create the lace impression of the dress and then I glued all the little flowers on top.


The flowers that I have used are very simple to do ...


the tricky part is the size of them as they are teeny tiny...


If you want to see my photo tutorial on how I do these little beauties just click here.


And so first, I cut it into shape

and then I let the paper lead the way.... :)



and the dress is now finished ... :)




For Manú’s little head I chose some lovely patterned card stock and just played with it a little until I was happy with the combination and I then cut it into shape.



And then it slowly comes to life ...


until she is all perfect :)


And this, my lovelies, is how my little Manú has been created... with lots of love and patience.

It was a real delight and I can only hope that she has brought Manuela just as much joy as her Vanilla Orchid did to me.

Thank you all for visiting my website and reading my blog. 

Your comments are welcome and appreciated.

Lots of love,



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