Saray, my beautiful Queen Fly

August 1, 2014


 When I got invited to attend ''The Beautiful Bug Ball'' event at The Arts & Crafts Emporium  the first

thing that came to my mind was ...a butterfly :) ....and then I looked at the title again and the little

word ''bug'' was staring back at me saying :'' a butterfly isn't bug enough ... it has to bug you ! :) ''

...and just then this huge fly landed on my keybord in a time machine I was transported

back to when I was a little girl in my nana's kitchen and I used to let the flies land on my hands

just so I can look at them .... I was pretty fascinated by their little bodies and beautiful

transparent wings.... I knew then that I just had to quill a fly ...

and not any fly but a Queen Fly ... :)


So this is how the concept of my Queen Fly started .... with a pen and paper ....

and of course some scissors ....



... after which I chose my colors and started cutting my strips ... nothing beats the smell of

freshly cut paper  ;) ...I think it was the amazing Manuk that I first heard saying this  ... :)


For some of you that are familiar with my work , you know I like my tiny little flowers :)

Here is how I create some of them...

  I roll the paper on the needle insted of the quilling tool the strips are very small ....

and, after very carefully shaping the minuscule coils and glueing them into shape, you

should end up with these lovely little flowers ...:)

... I never have a plan.... only an idea .... it's like a little glimpse into the future .... a flash image

of what it is going to be .....and I just start... my mind wipes clean and magic starts to happen

...the strips of paper guide me to what I am to design ....;) 

I like using my needle to roll and shape my paper .... and here is a little tip on how I use the

needle to shape the little strips and create some of Saray's design....

...yes , that it is indeed one of my Little Bear's crayons that I use as the base for my needle ...;)

I take my tiny strip of paper and very gently push my needle down over it and just let it curl ....

if it curls too much just release the preassure a little ...

...and then I just let my imagination take over.... :)


...until she comes alive :) 


...and then I decided to add two more wings ...just because she is, after all,  a Queen Fly...:)

...and as any Queen she also needs a crown :) 


...and some legs :)...and yes those little flowers are just about 5mm wide :)


.... I then cut a beautiful mount ...played with it a little until I had it just right ...

after all , my beautiful Saray will be resting on it forever ....



....and this, my lovelies, is how my gorgeous Queen Fly has come into being ..... 



It's been an amazing journey into the realms of zentangle and the Fly kingdom .... a journey into

colourful patterns , curves and lines .... and it all happened while being watched by a real fly :)

All comments are welcomed and appreciated .

Love to you all ,

Quilling Owl 

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