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upcycled book art ©QuillingOwl2015

Antique quilling

April 2015


I do love everything old... old people, old houses, old books, old music...

It's the heritage ... the history behind everything old ... there is always a story to tell or imagine.

When I read an old book I imagine the writer in his or her time and with this another story emerges :)

My love and admiration for antique quilling is very profound and I have always wanted to create something inspired by it, but never quite found the right canvas...


                                                                        Read more 



quilled mouse illustration by Quilling Owl, quilled mouse , mouse illustration

Manú, a mouse in Dior

February 2015


Here is my little mouse illustration that I have created in 1,5 mm strips of paper.

It has 117 teeny tiny little flowers, all created by hand from paper.

This piece has been inspired by the amazing miniature work of Dior.

You can watch the video that inspired this little beauty here.

To see more on how I created my little Manú just read my blog.





Paper quilled fox by Quilling Owl, quilled fox, fox illustration , quilling
Rusty the Sionnach

October 2014


This is my first patchwork on paper :)

In this piece I was inspired by the lovely colours of Autumn, when the beautiful trees turn their leaves into rust and gold. It is a very magical time of the year.

Sionnach has been created with 3mm strips of paper using the beehive technique for the tree and the beautiful patchwork of lovely paper patterns for the fox. 




paper quilled mermaid , whale tail by Quilling Owl, whale illustration, quilled fish ,

September 2014


I have created this piece by using 3 to 5 mm strips of paper. I loved playing with all those splashes of colour which makes it all look so striking. You can again recognize my favourite technique, the beehive.

paper quilling illustration of a fly , Quilling Owl paper quilling, quilled fly , quilling

Saray, the Queen Fly

August 2014


This was a journey into zentangle and colourful patters.

I created this piece by using 3mm wide strips of paper that I have cut, rolled and glued together to create this intricate design.

To find out more on how I have created her just click here.


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