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My name is Mona and have been around this beautiful earth for just over 39 years. I grew up in the beautiful Romanian Plain , where I have seen the most amazing sunsets . Every summer my sister and I used to go to our grandparents home, a little village up in the Carpatian Mountains.The beauty of that remote place will stay with me forever .... the fresh air, the woods, the occasional brown bear that would come visit the village at night time looking for some food... :) Here is where my love for trees started .... I love everything about them ... the way they look, how still they can be ...the song they sing when the wind blows through them .... and the very fact that they are the reason we can breathe. So for me rolling paper is like hugging trees :)

I moved to Ireland 15 years ago and the magic of this wonderful place is still as vibrant today as the first day I arrived . Here is where I met the ocean ..... the magical , mystical ocean. I could just sit on the beach and marvel at it's beauty for hours. It was in Ireland where my soul searching started .... a beautiful journey that took me from my darkest places to the most amazing ones.

8 years ago I went volunteering in the little village of Gadawari in Nepal for 5 months, and it was there when everything tied in together. It was looking at the biggest mountains in the world that made me realise how blessed I am just to be here.  I fell in love with the nepali people, their colourful ways and bollywood movies ... and yes I do cry when i watch them, but that's only because they are all tragedies :)  Nepal is where my love for vibrant colours started.... it was a wonderful experience that brought the best of me to the surface.....it taught me acceptance and to love life's simplicity ...... it grounded me and helped me find my balance.

I now live in the beautiful little village of Mountshannon in County Clare. I have been blessed with three of the most amazing people in the world, my little girls, Maya Ariel and Meera Rose, and their daddy. They are  my biggest inspiration.

I love cooking and having my friends around.  Friends are beautiful creatures :)

The Owl and the Wolf are my spirit animals and they have been guiding me through my quilling jorney from the very beginning .I feel very drawn to the Owl and sometimes I believe I am one :)

I started quilling in August 2012 after my beautiful sister Claudia introduced me to this amazing art, and I am pretty much a self taught quiller. Quilling is just like meditating to me ... it wipes my mind clean and brings me up on a rainbow. There is this magical thing that happens to me when I start quilling .... it's like a little journey I take with every piece I am creating. I very rarely have a plan ... I start from an idea and I just simply let the strips of paper guide me ... how they want to be shaped and what patterns they want to form .... I trust my paper strips. My favorite quilling technique is the beehive as it can be seen in most of my creations. My love for vibrant colours can easily be seen in my work and I am not afraid to colour clash ... sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't :)

I like working with 3mm strips of paper .... or smaller .... but I do have grand plans too :)

I am learning everyday and I am still as fascinated by this beautiful craft today as I was the first day I rolled my first coil.

It's amazing what you can do with just a few strips of paper ... all you need is patience, love for detail and of course a touch of magic ..:)

A random fact about me : I like to drink cold coffee ... :) 

Thank you for visiting my website and I hope you enjoyed your stay :)

Love ,

Mona Brezeanu



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